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Simpson Street Free Press Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Bringing Real Broadband to Our Newsroom and Learning Center

Running a network of after-school academies requires hard work. It also requires modern, high-speed Internet service. We serve over 200 students across the community, and there are often up to 25 students at a time sharing a very slow DSL connection that barely meets the criteria of what can be labeled as "broadband." [Read More]
Tricky and Dangerous Creatures Poison and Befuddle Their Prey

by Yesenia Martinez, age 12, Wright Free Press

Some animals have evolved defenses that are scary and dangerous. Here’s a few you might want to avoid. Arrow poison frogs, from South America, have bright skins that are very poisonous. The native people extract their venom so they can use on their arrow tips. That is how they got their name. [Read More]
Illegal Ivory Trade Continues, Elephant Population Pays Devastating Price

by Masha Vodyanyk, age 17, Simpson Street Free Press

Elephant tusks are composed of ivory, a white, bone-like material. Currently, up to 35,000 of the estimated 500,000 living African elephants are slaughtered every year for their ivory tusks. Tusks from a single male elephant weigh more than 250 pounds. On the black market, one pound of ivory is valued as high as $1,500. [Read More]
Our Guide to Preventing Summer Slide Also Works In the Fall

by Britany Ugalde, age 11; Ajah Dye, age 11; and Patricia Fenne-Garcia, age 11

Summer time is great for a lot of reasons. It’s warmer, there’s no school, there’s no rules, and there’s so much free time. With almost three months of summer vacation, it is important to add in some reading to your free time. That was our advice back in June. Now it's August, and time to read some more.. [Read More]
Book Review: Revolution
is Not a Dinner Party

reviewed by Ali Khan, age 16, Simpson Street Free Press

Yin Chang Compesine's novel Revolution is Not a Dinner Party tells the story of nine-year-old Ling Chang and her upper-class family during the 1960's Cultural Revolution in China. Led by the Chairman of the Communist Party Mao Zedong, the Cultural Revolution was a social-political movement that lasted from 1966-1976. The goal was to enforce communism and replace capitalist, traditional, and cultural ideals from Chinese society. [Read More]
Trick or Treat: Sugar Consumption Found Toxic, Lethal

by Irie Jackson, age 9, Glendale Free Press

In America, sugar consumption has increased substantially since the 1970’s. The average American kid now eats more than 20 teaspoons of sugar per day. A recent study from the University of Utah indicates that high sugar intake not only has negative effects on health but also may be toxic. [Read More]
Los teotihuacanos, los mayas
y los zapotecos

por Melody Krishnan, 16 años, La Prensa Libre de Simpson Street

Los teotihuacanos, los mayas y los zapotecos eran grupos indígenas diferentes quienes vivieron durante el Periodo Clásico. Sus civilizaciones tuvieron semejanzas y diferencias, y a pesar de haber logrado grandes avances, estas civilizaciones eventualmente sufrieron una gran caída. [Leer Más]
Mount Rushmore Was Built
on Sacred Sioux Ground

by Cristian Cruz, age 12, Wright Free Press

In the Black Hills of South Dakota, there is a curious looking mountain. Standing just over a mile high (5,725 feet), Mount Rushmore has four faces of American presidents carved into it: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. [Read More]
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A Message From Our Board President
by Mike Ivey

Like many of you, I am a longtime supporter of Simpson Street Free Press. And like so many Friends of SSFP, I am proud of what we accomplish. We deliver award-winning academic programs that meet and exceed professional standards for excellence. SSFP curriculum directly addresses Dane County’s most glaring disparity: unacceptable gaps in student achievement. [Read More]

A Message From Editors & Staff

We have a conundrum. Longtime Friends of SSFP know we rarely print in hardcopy anymore. But SSFP has doubled the number of students enrolled in its programs. We had to make choice, more students or our precious hardcopies. We chose more kids -- for now. [Read More]

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