What does the Rest of the Community Think About One of America’s Best and Most Innovative Youth Programs?

“SSFP’s innovative approach to learning benefits thousands of local kids. Programs are managed by college-age editors and their high school assistants. All students are mentored by retired senior volunteers. It’s a formula that really works.”
- Dave Zweifel, The Capital Times

“The Free Press has been instrumental in developing young leaders equipped with the skills to succeed in higher levels of education, and eventually, the workforce. Madison has been fortunate to have such a stellar example of youth initiative and achievement in its own backyard. I know from personal experience the value of the work done by the student writers at the Free Press. I have been interviewed by their reporters several times and I am always impressed by their insight, dedication, and courage.”
- Tammy Baldwin, United States Senator

"Everyone else is talking about it. Simpson Street Free Press is actually doing it."
- Kaleem Caire, Former President & CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison

“Teaching a kid to read is a laudable and necessary service to the community. Teaching a kid to write is to empower an individual to compete in any field on any stage.”
- Vince O’Hern, Publisher of Isthmus

"This is a group of students that we must continue to nurture and build the partnership. These are students we want at Edgewood college!"
- Daniel Carey, President of Edgewood College

“Nothing gave me more academic self-confidence than when I first saw my byline in the Free Press
- Deidre Green, Former student, now Managing Editor

"[Simpson Street Free Press] could serve not only as an after-school supplement but also as a model for the public schools. Have the good people in the Madison school district realized yet that Simpson Street provides a pedagogical model key features of which they should incorporate?"
- Michael Berger, Author and Associate Professor at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences