Atlantic Animals

Two Very Different Animals Call The Same Place Their Home

There are several unique animals that live in the Atlantic Ocean.

One animal that swims the great waters of the Atlantic is the great white shark. The large fish have an unexpected diet. Great White Shark do not eat people, but instead fish, seals, and penguins.

The shark is able to camouflage itself with its dark back, and light belly. The colors on its body help it sneak up on its prey. Its two-tone colors blend in with the top and bottom of the ocean water.

The name great white shark comes from its big size and white belly. The shark has 300 teeth that grow in many rows. When the shark catches its prey it leaps out of the water and grabs its prey with its sharp teeth.

Another animal that lives in the Atlantic Ocean is the puffin. A puffin is a little bird that can swim, fly and catch many fish at the same time. A puffin is about the size of a Chihuahua. To catch its prey, the bird swims under the water and chases fish. In the spring and summer, they live in burrows. In the burrows, they lay eggs and raise chicks. The mom and the dad take turns catching fish to feed the babies.

There are lots of things the great white shark and the puffin don’t have in common, but one thing they do have in common is, they both call the Atlantic Ocean their home.


[Source: First Big Book of the Ocean]

Great choice of animals! Big contract bewtween the two and yet they still both live in the Atlantic Ocean. Good research! ! – Oscar DiazMadison, WI (2015-08-21 09:48)