The Vicious Barracuda Doesn't Like to Eat Humans

by Serina Bland, age 11

Barracudas are dangerous fish that live in tropical and subtropical seas. They have humongous pointy teeth, the length of a human finger.

Barracudas can grow to be eight feet long and weigh up to 99 pounds. They tend to eat small fish. They have sharp long teeth for attacking their prey. Once they have spotted a small fish, they make a beeline towards their prey. One bite can snap a small fish in half, killing it in 15 seconds.

The barracudas have very acute vision that it uses to hunt. It spots it prey from a distance away and easily catches its victim off guard. The barracuda’s muscled tail swings from side-to-side to guide its speed and direction.

In many parts of the world humans eat adult barracudas. But this can be unsafe in some areas because barracudas can carry a fatal disease called ciguatara from the build-up of toxins in the fish it has eaten.

Despite their fearsome reputations, barracudas don’t like to eat humans. There have been reported incidents of barracudas attacking humans in the murky water, but this is because they mistook humans for prey.

[Source: Sharks and other Creatures Of the Deep]