Butterflies and Moths are Colorful Creatures in the Animal Kingdom

Butterflies and moths are both beautiful insects with very vivid colors.

Moths fly at dusk, the time of day before the sun sets. They rest on trees and leaves, where they blend in. When a moth is resting, it folds its wings in, so only its sides can be seen. Moths are generally less colorful than butterflies, and their bodies are covered in thick hair.

In contrast, butterflies have very colorful wings and only fly during the day. When butterflies are still, one can only see the sides of their wings. They do not have much hair and their antennas are shaped like clubs.

Moths and butterflies are both born as caterpillars, which hatch from a butterfly egg. Caterpillars mature in a cocoon and evolve into winged creatures.

Moths and butterflies are very different, but they are both lovely additions to the animal kingdom.

[Source: The Big Bug Book]

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