Dolphins and Porpoises Swim the Oceans Blue

Dolphins and porpoises are amazing swimmers. Both species are often seen leaping above the ocean waves. But did you know that dolphins have to swim up to the surface to breathe air?

There are 35 different types of dolphins. Many of them have little to no sense of smell. They use their taste buds to taste the food they eat, including water. Consuming water helps alert dolphins to nearby food because small particles of food float in it.

Like dolphins, porpoises are aquatic mammals. They look very similar to dolphins, except they only grow to be six feet in length. Unlike dolphins who have cone-shaped teeth, porpoises have spade-shaped teeth.

Both dolphins and porpoises are intelligent underwater animals. While they look similar to one another each creature actually has unique features.

[Source: Why Do Dolphins Squeak?]

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