Pandas are Adorable, But They're Also Endangered

Pandas are known for their thick, fluffy fur, but did you know that their fur is more than just cute? In fact, it's actually meant to preserve their energy.

Pandas are from China. Many people call pandas "giant cat bears" because their pupils are slit just like a cat's. Pandas have four sharp teeth, and their coats protect them from the cold. Their coats also help them camouflage. These cuddly mammals have five claws on each of their paws that they use for grabbing items such as bamboo, leaves, stems, small animals, and fish. Pandas usually weigh about 220 to 275 pounds.

Mating season for pandas happens every April to May. Female pandas give birth every two years. The sad part about pandas having babies is that if they have twins, the first baby usually dies.

Panda bears and grizzly bears share some of the same features, but a grizzly bear weighs about three times more than a panda because it eats protein-rich salmon, nuts, and berries. Also, pandas are becoming endangered. Although pandas are cute, they are constantly fighting for their lives. Humans should help these animals continue to grow and thrive.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals]

Great article! I love pandas; they're my favorite animal. – BrianMadison (2017-11-28 13:15)