Dart Poison Frogs: Beautiful and Deadly

Dart poison frogs live in tropical rainforests in Central and South America. They can be easily identified by their beautiful colors. They come in exciting hues: bright red, neon blue, lime green and yellow. They are also lethally venomous.

When dart poison frogs have eggs, they hatch into tadpoles. These tadpoles take position on the back of one of their parents, depending on their species. Green and red frogs tend to go with the mother while turquoise dart poison frogs go with the father. When the dart poison frogs gravitate to the mother, they head towards the water, where the younger generation swims off, and learns how to take care of themselves.

These creatures mostly live in wet areas but can also live on the ground and in trees. Adult frogs have to stay close to the water to carry their offspring to the water.

Dart poison frogs are toxic, nasty, sticky, animals, but they are also interesting and very striking.

[Source: Extremely Weird Frogs]

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