The Equidae Family

Did you know that members of the Equidae family (horses, zebras, donkeys) have long lifespans? Horses and zebras can live up to 30 years while donkeys can live up to 40 years.

Horses, zebras, and donkeys have hair on their backs. Horses and donkeys can have different colored coats, but zebras cannot. Zebras always have white and black stripes. Horses can be eight feet tall and between 4-6 feet long. Some donkeys are around three to five feet tall, while zebras can be eight to nine feet tall.

Horses, zebras, and donkeys originally lived in North America but arrived in Africa and Asia by migrating. When the Ice Age occurred, strangely the horses vanished. The Europeans found horses, put them on boats, and reintroduced them to North America.

Zebras eat a plentiful amount of grass, shrubs, herbs, twigs, leaves, and bark. Horses mostly eat hay but they also consume grass, concentrate, treats, and pasture. Donkeys also eat hay and grass.

These three animals are cute, hairy, odd-looking, and interesting. They are important and valuable animals to have on our Earth.

[Source: Encyclopedia of Mammals ]