Rare Indochinese Tigers Face Extinction

by Simone Rogers, age 15

   There are only about 300 Indochinese tigers in the world. About 100 of them live in Thailand, Lao PDR, and perhaps 30 living in Vietnam. The population in Myanmar is currently unknown.  Although they originate in China, the last known Indochinese tiger spotted in China was killed and eaten in 2007 by a poacher.  
   Several factors make these rare predators endangered. The primary threat to these tigers are poachers. Indochinese tigers are often hunted for their fur and meat. The tigers live in remote tropical and subtropical, forests throughout Indochina, which makes enforcing game laws difficult. Another major factor threatening their population is the deforestation and fragmentation of their habitat. New Road networks being put in Vietnam is an example of how development has made it difficult for Indochinese tigers to increase their numbers.
   All subspecies of tigers face threats to their survival. There is a real danger that the beautiful Indochinese tigers may  soon become extinct.   

 [Source: wwf.panda.org]

Fascinating story. Great work. – James TylerMadison, WI (2012-02-03 12:14)
I wonder what is being done to keep them from going extinct. This is very interesting. Good job! – TeresaMadison, WI (2012-08-06 14:45)