King of the Snakes

The King Cobra is the Largest, Most Venomous Snake in the World

by Alana Caire, age 11

A reptile in search of prey lurking in the depths of the forest senses a critter running into a blueberry bush to hide from predators. The king cobra rears its head off the ground and uses its keen vision to spot the rat. It slithers, sneaks and pounces. Looks like it's rat soup for dinner tonight.

The king cobra is the largest ,most venomous snake in the world. Cobras are found in south and Southeast Asia. This snake can also be found on farmland and in villages.

When the cobra is hungry, it preys on other snakes for food, even the venomous ones. In order to kill, the cobra subdues its prey with a potent venom that paralyzes the nervous system. The cobra then swallows its prey whole, which takes a long time. Once a cobra is angry, it lifts its head and spreads its neck into a hood to threaten other snakes and humans. Not many people have survived a cobra bite.

January is the mating season for king cobras. The female lays about 40 to 50 eggs. The hatchlings are 12 to 25 inches long, and already can produce small quantities of venom. This venom is just as powerful but deadly in these young as it is in adults.

King cobras are fascinating. Don't get too close to these intelligent, dangerous creatures.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer ]