New Zealand’s National Emblem: The Kiwi Bird

Found only in New Zealand and this country’s national emblem, Kiwi birds are unusual, medium-sized brown birds about as long as chickens. They are also the only birds that do not have wings or tails.

Kiwi birds are very fast runners; they can even outrun a human. Additionally, they survive by using their alertness and their sharp, three-toed feet. Their feet give them the ability to kick and cut an enemy.

Kiwis live in hollow logs, under tree roots, or in the ground. They come out only at night to eat worms, insects, grubs, leaves, berries, and seeds. When they smell worms in the ground, they stomp their feet so the worms will come rise above the ground.

Specifically, female Kiwi birds breed through late winter until the summer. Their eggs are very large compared to the size of an adult female Kiwi. After the mother lays her eggs, the male Kiwi takes over the nest and keeps the eggs warm. The incubation time takes eleven weeks. Baby Kiwi birds do not get fed by their parents; instead they eat the yolk stored in their stomachs.

Kiwi birds have interesting reproduction and breeding process. I was interested in learning about Kiwi birds because I never knew these strange birds existed. Hopefully, I can see one sometime!

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I'm impesesrd. You've really raised the bar with that. – LatishaI'm impesesrd. You've really raised the bar with that. (2016-04-27 16:06)