The Largest of the Apes

Lowland Gorillas Eat, Sleep, and Forge

Lowland gorillas live in Central Africa among forest plains and the Congo River. They are similar to chimpanzees and orangutans, with common features like having longer arms than legs. Lowland gorillas have a reputation for being aggressive, but they actually rarely fight with each other or other species.

These gorillas mostly eat vegetables to get fuel and sustain themselves. They divide their day into periods of eating, sleeping, playing and foraging.

Female gorillas are like female humans because their pregnancies last for nine months. When young females turn eight, they leave their group and join another.

Male lowland gorillas are also called “silver backs” because of their silver-colored backs. They live in small groups of five or less, and the dominant male in the group decides when the group eats, naps, and sleeps.

Even though lowland gorillas spend most of their time eating and sleeping, they are still interesting primates.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer]