How Animals Find Love

All animals mate, but each animal has a unique method to find its special someone.

Some animals get very aggressive around mating season. Males will often fight each other to win the affection of a certain female. Male zebras, for example, will bite and kick at each other until one of them gives up. Male bustards are small birds who compete to see which male can jump the highest. The females then pick the male that catches their eye. Poison dart frogs in general are also very territorial. Females will fight anyone who comes near her nest, while the males fight off intruders by wrestling using their front legs.

Not all animals have the instincts to fight for a mate; many instead go the route of showing off their skills or good looks. Male Guianan birds, for example, have dance-offs to impress females who then choose the best dancer.

Male Bowerbirds are a species with unique mating rituals because they try to attract a mate by building a tunnel-like structure, called a bower, and decorating around it. Then the females will closely examine the bower's structure. If the female likes it, she will get to work and immediately start building a nest.

Tree frogs will try to find a territory with enough space for food and a pool of water to call home. When settled in, they use their mating call to attract a female to their “bachelor pad.”

Mating rituals sure are fascinating! Animals do pretty crazy things to find their mates. Different animals use different processes. But it's these differences that make each animal so unique and interesting.

[Source: How Animals Work]

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