Peacocks are the Largest of the Flying Birds

Most everyone knows that peacocks have beautiful and unique colors. But there are many details not as well-known about this animal like the differences between males and females, for example.

Although these birds are commonly known as “peacocks,” they also go by other names. Specifically, they have scientific and family names, which are Pavo cristatus and phasianidae, respectively.

Peacocks live up to 20 years and eat both plants and meat. These birds usually weigh abount nine to 13 pounds and measure from eight to nine feet long. However, much of their length is actually just their feathers, or plumage. Additionally, peacocks are the largest flying bird.

This species is found in India and South Asia. Some people think that peacocks are wild, but they are actually only found in certain places in the wild and park exhibits, zoos, and nature centers.

Peacocks have a variety of colors on their tails and feathers. Female peacocks, or peahens, have duller feathers than male peacocks do. This is the primary way to tell male and female peacocks apart. Also, female peacocks are typically brown with white stomachs.

Peacocks are truly gorgeous birds. Now that you know the difference between males and females of this species, see if you can tell them apart next time you’re at the zoo.

[Source: National Geographic Kids]

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