African Egg-Eating Snakes Devour Bird Eggs Whole

The African egg-eating snake can swallow bird eggs whole and spit them back out. But this is not the only fascinating ability this snake has.

Most African egg-eating snakes grow up to be 28 inches long and can lay six to 25 eggs. Their lifespan is unknown, since they are extremely endangered. These snakes live in the forests and scrublands of Africa. Specifically, they live in the southern, western, and eastern parts of Africa but not in the continent’s drier areas like the northern Sahara. Any place with a lot of nesting birds is an especially perfect place for the hungry African egg-eating snake.

To feed itself, the African egg-eating snake quietly slithers into birds’ nests to find eggs. The tongue is one of the most important parts of the snake’s body. It helps the animal locate the right nest because its tongue smells out the eggs. This amazing snake can gulp down an egg before you can say an eight-letter word.

Once it has swallowed an egg, the African egg-eating snake uses a bone in its back that compresses two points into the egg and causes the contents of the shell to fall into the gullet, or throat. After this, the snake crushes the egg whole, spits out the shell, and slithers away like nothing ever happened.

African egg-eating snakes usually hunt independently because their food is scarce and eggs are often a seasonal food.

The African egg-eating snake is vicious yet amazing because of its impressive abilities.

[Source: Snakes and Reptiles ]