Fearsome King Cobra are Lethal When Hungry

King cobras use their tongues to smell, find prey, and search for a mate. They live in Southeast Asia and are found in clearings and bamboo thickets.

King cobras love to eat lizards and snakes—even venomous snakes. Cobras often climb trees when looking for prey, which they hunt by tasting the air with their tongues. The deadly snake kills its prey with its poisonous venom, which instantly paralyzes the unsuspecting victim.

King cobra females breed each January. A female will lay about 40-50 eggs. Female snakes look for a hidden place, such as a bamboo thicket, to lay their eggs. After laying their eggs, females will stay nearby for 70-77 days until the babies hatch. When they hatch, the babies are typically 12-25 inches long. Though small, these babies are very deadly just like their parents. Male cobras stay to help protect the babies and their mates.

The king cobra species is dying out because people use them to make traditional medicines and food. Also, many people are scared of cobras and will kill them if they ever find one. While the king cobra is not endangered yet, it likely will be very soon.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer]

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