Strangely Shaped, Spikey-Backed Stegosaurs

The stegosaurs were very strange looking creatures. These herbivorous animals had small heads and huge bodies. Since they were not very fast, they relied on their tough skin—used like body armor to protect themselves.

One type of stegosaur, the stegosaurus, weighed up to two tons. Its massive body sloped forward. It had wide, bony plates on its back up to two feet tall and three-foot spikes on its tail. Because of its size and strength, the stegosaurus was not an easy target for other dinosaurs.

The kentrosaurus, another type of stegosaur, had a double row of narrow triangular bony plates that rose on either side of its backbone. These spikey plates, often as long as two feet, became more dangerous toward the tip of the tail.

Another type of stegosaur, the tuojiangosaurus, was the first stegosaur to be found in Asia. Its body shape, including small head size and extensive amount of bony plates, was similar to that of the stegosaurus. Its tail also had four long spikes.

While these plant-eating dinosaurs all differed slightly, it is clear that each had adaptations that intimidated their predators!

[Source: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Reptiles]