Consider Your 2-year College Options As Tuition Costs Go Up

More and More Students Are Looking at Transfer Programs

by Taylor Kilgore, age 16

Now, more than ever, it is important for high school students to plan ahead for college. Secondary education is a necessary but costly endeavor. That is why many financially savvy students choose to enroll in 2-year transfer programs. Two-year schools help you fulfill degree requirements, and then transfer to a 4-year college to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Two-year college tuition in Wisconsin is a little less than half the cost of a 4-year institution. Even if a 2-year college is not your first choice, the money you save with this option is worth it. UW-Madison’s in-state tuition and fees come to almost $6,000 per semester. UW-Whitewater is almost as much. Tuition at 2-year schools like UW-Baraboo, UW-Richland, or Madison College is less than $3,000 per semester.

Not only do the 2-year transfer programs save money, they often make for an easier transition into college. For some students, jumping right into a 4-year college right out of high school seems like a smack in the face. Two-year colleges can provide important preparation. Some students need additional instruction in the basics to be successful at a 4-year institution. Transfer options depend on a student’s grade-point-average and credit requirements at the 2-year school. Good grades mean you can transfer to a 4-year college or university. 

After you get accepted to a 4-year college, the grade and credit requirements for the transfer program vary depending on the school. For instance, while attending a 2-year college you must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.8 to transfer to UW-Madison. For most other schools the minimum is a 2.0.

Getting the education you want is extremely important. But planning ahead to make college costs affordable is also very important. Remember this: the best education doesn’t mean the most expensive school. Ultimately, it’s the effort you put into it that will determine the quality of your college experience.

The best education can be more or less expensive, depending on how dedicated you are about getting the most for your tuition dollar. 


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