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Badgers Inhabit Wisconsin, North America

Badgers are among the most feared predators in North America. While you might know that badgers are the Wisconsin state animal and the mascot of many of our athletic teams, you might not know that they are carnivores, which means they eat reptiles, insects, birds, and other small animals.

Badgers, short-legged and strong-clawed creatures, are members of the weasel family. They have dark gray fur with a long, white stripe from the nose to the tail. Badgers have similar body types to wolverines, but wolverines have longer legs.

Badgers mostly live in Wisconsin; some also live in Southern Canada and Mexico.

Throughout these habitats, badgers build their burrows near woodlands, in marshy areas and fields. They store extra food in their burrows for later. Badgers are nocturnal and sleep in these burrows most of the day.

I think badgers are very fascinating creatures!

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press Archives]

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