Everybody’s Favorite Mouse

The History of One of Disney’s Most Popular Characters

by Cam’Ron Moffett, age 9

       Many kids my age have heard about Mickey Mouse; he is a very famous cartoon character. But, not many people know how Mickey was created.
       Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and Ub Iwerks drew the first image. Most people know what Mickey Mouse looks like because his image is seen on a lot of different things. Over 7,500 items have Mickey on them.
       Mickey Mouse’s official birthday was November 18, 1928. On this day, he was in his first film, Steamboat Willie at the Colony Center Theatre in New York City. Also in 1928, Mickey Mouse starred in his first cartoon, called Plane Crazy. Since then he has been featured in over 120 cartoons.
       The voice of Mickey Mouse has changed from person to person over the years. Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse, was the first person to voice the cartoon. After Walt Disney, Jim Macdonald was the voice of Mickey Mouse for a long time. Today, Mickey Mouse is voiced by Wayne Allwine.
       Mickey Mouse is a warm and funny cartoon character that is recognizable all over the world. He can be seen on everything from TV shows to my little brother’s shirt. It was interesting to learn about the world’s most popular mouse.

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