Jackson’s Chameleon: The Species with Wandering Eyes and Five “Feet”

Chameleons are known for their remarkable camouflaging abilities; however, one species, the Jackson’s chameleon, also has the unique ability to move its eyes independently. Because its eyes lie at the tip of swiveling turrets, the Jackson’s chameleon can see in two different directions at once.

One of the 130 lizard species that lives around the Mediterranean and in Africa and Asia, the Jackson’s chameleon typically weighs 1.5 pounds and can live for up to ten years in captivity. Jackson’s chameleons are additionally recognized by their horns. While males have three horns to protect their territory and intimidate rivals, females have only one horn. Other notable features of the Jackson’s chameleon include their razor-sharp teeth and prehensile tails, or tails that act like a fifth-foot and are able to grip branches.

Unlike most species, the Jackson’s chameleon has a mating season that lasts for the majority of each year. While the gestation period for the Jackson’s chameleon is unknown, they are recorded to have an eye-opening 20 to 40 offspring in each reproductive period.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer]

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