Ostriches are Powerful, Strange Birds

Did you know that the ostrich is the biggest bird in the world? It may also be one of the strangest birds in the world.

The ostrich lives in the sandy grasslands of Africa. Male ostriches are black with white plumage on their tails and wings. In contrast, female ostriches are sandy-gray. Both males' and females' coloring helps them camouflage when sitting on their eggs.

When an ostrich sees a predator, it runs. This alerts animals like antelopes and zebras that they should run as well. If an ostrich gets caught, it fights with with its feet and can kick so hard that it only needs one kick to kill its enemy. Because of this, antelopes and zebras walk next to ostriches because they're so tall that they can warn other animals when enemies are near.

Ostriches are also unique because of how they breed. Females ostriches can lay about 20 eggs in one nest. A female ostrich protects its eggs by sitting on them when it’s cold and by keeping predators away. The males sit on the eggs at night.

I think it's important to learn about this strange, interesting species.

[Source: Birds Do The Strangest Things]