Swordfish Slice through Aquatic Environments

Swordfish are interesting marine mammals that can carry millions of eggs in their reproductive glands. They can also live up to nine years.

Swordfish are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans as well as in the Mediterranean and Black seas. To maintain their body temperatures, they go from warmer waters in the winters to colder waters in the summers.

These traveling fish are near the top of the food chain. Swordfish eat squid, octopus, bluefish, and mackerel. The swordfish kill their prey using their “sword.” Swordfish swords are razor sharp, so they can slice up their prey in half. They can swim incredibly fast and are able to catch their sometimes unsuspecting prey before they can escape.

Though they are fierce predators, swordfish also have enemies of their own. Their predators are killer whales, other sharks, and tuna.

Swordfish have a very cool way of life. It's important to learn about them because they're valuable to the environment.

[Source: ABC News]