Aye-Ayes Use Echolocation to Find Their Next Snack

The aye-aye is a type of lemur that only lives in Madagascar, an island of Africa.

Aye-ayes have long black fur with white tips. Each hair is about four inches long. These interesting-looking creatures also have dark rings around their eyes and long bushy tails. Like all lemurs, aye-ayes have a fleshy nose.

These cool-looking animals have adapted in many ways. Aye-ayes have binocular vision to help them see prey far away, even at night, for example. Also, the aye-aye's big toe has a flat nail while its other toes have claws: the big toe is opposable so that the aye-aye can cling firmly onto branches.

Aye-ayes are perceptive listeners because of their dish-shaped ears. This allows them to detect hollow parts of a branch, in which they usually find prey. Aye-ayes have long digits that they use to tap on trees and echo locate their prey, like larvae that live inside tree bark. Once an aye-aye finds its prey, it bites a hole in the tree and sticks its very flexible middle finger in it. Then, it grabs the insect and eats it.

The aye-aye is a special little lemur with unique abilities and traits.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals]