Rattlesnakes: Adapted to Hunt

Many people know that rattlesnakes have the ability to swallow their prey whole. However, many don't know of the rattlesnake's dangerous and sneaky abilities to lure their prey before killing them.

The western diamondback rattlesnake rattles its tail from central southern California to the Gulf of Mexico. It lives in bushy and rocky areas that are mainly dry. Other rattlesnakes are also found in mountains.

The pupils of the rattlesnakes' eyes have vertical slits that open at night to let small amounts of light in. Rattlesnakes also have two holes, near the front of their eyes to sense their prey's body heat. They have diamond patterns on their backs, there length ranges from 29 inches to six feet, and they can weigh up to 12 pounds.

A series of horned shells fit loosely together to form a rattle at the end of their bodies. This rattle makes sounds and shakes when the snake is bothered. The tail moves faster than a human eye can follow.

Their weapons are dangerous; they have fangs, venom, and stealth. The western diamondback rattlesnake's bite can kill prey such as small mammals, birds, and lizards.

[Source: Snakes Reptiles The Scariest Cold-Blooded Creatures On Earth]

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