Fashionistas in Ancient Greece Set Trends That Still Impress

by Jessica Rieder, age 12

In ancient Greece, attractive appearance and physical beauty was important and admired in everyone. Style was expressed in various ways depending on gender and class.

Both genders wore the same basic lightweight tunic and used decorative brooches and pins to hold them in place in a stylish manner. Most clothing was made of wool and linen, but the rich could afford tunics made from more expensive, fancy fabrics like cotton or silk. Greek women sometimes wore a peplos, a simple sleeveless dress; its only adornment was a belt. Soldiers and laborers wore their tunics shorter so they could keep them out of the way while they worked.

Also important to the Grecian look were sandals and hats. Sandals were mostly worn outdoors. Men also occasionally wore boots. During hot weather, straw or wool hats helped prevent getting a suntan, since it signified outdoor work as a laborer or slave.

Unlike men, who wore their hair short, women with their long hair could put it up in elaborate designs using ribbons.

Another fashion statement was burial jewelry. They were made by using very thin sheet gold that was beaten into belts and wreaths. Important people like the Kings and Queens of Macedonia were buried in crowns of gold leaves.

Rich or poor, men or women, the people of ancient Greece were very aware of style.

[Source: Encyclopedia of the Ancient World]

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