Why Did Some Early Dinosaurs Have Feathers?

Did you know that there were some dinosaurs that had feathers? Scientists believe that birds evolved from feathered dinosaurs

Paleontologist Xu Xing works in Liaoning Province, China. He has found over 25 different species of dinosaurs. Ten years ago, Xu Xing found out that some dinosaurs had feathers instead of scales. In contrast to reptiles, these creatures are warm-blooded, and their feathers kept them warm.

Some feathered dinosaurs include the Protoarchaeopteryx, the Mei Long, and the Sinosauropteryx, the first feathered dinosaur to be discovered. They look very similar, with short feathered “arms.” Their arms are like a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s arms only with feathers. These feathered dinosaurs could not fly, but rather, they used their feathery appendages.

While most paleontologists agree that birds evolved from dinosaurs, they do not all agree on how they evolved. Some paleontologists believe that jumping from branch to branch led to flight. Others believe that birds evolved from “the ground up.” This means that feathered dinosaurs ran and used their wings to jump higher and become better hunters of insects and other small prey.

Thanks to paleontologist Xu Xing, we know there were feathered dinosaurs.

[Source: Dinosaurs]

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