Protein-Packed Pregnancies Produce Stronger Babies

Pregnant women often strive to maintain healthy diets. A new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition supports that this is beneficial for both woman and child. In fact, this study indicates that an expectant woman’s healthy diet not only positively influences her health but also offers the baby benefits for years following its birth.

Scientists conducting this study selected approximately 3,000 women to keep diaries of everything they ate throughout the duration of their pregnancies. The concentration of vitamins in the women’s blood was also recorded. Around six years later, scientists then measured the bone mass of the children born to these women.

Results from this study suggest that the children of women who eat a protein-rich diet while pregnant have a significantly larger bone mass and mineral content than those of the mothers who consume carbohydrate-rich diets. These protein-filled diets include foods like eggs, leafy green vegetables, vitamin B12, and phosphorus.

While bone mass can certainly be attributed to what children eat after birth, this study illustrates, too, that time spent in the womb is a critical period for development.

[Source: New York Times]