The Brain is the Body's Central Center

Every moment, millions of signals pass through the brain and carry all kinds of messages. The brain controls feelings, emotions, and motion. It also receives information from the senses and helps to put them together into thoughts and memories.

The brain is incredibly complex. From choosing a favorite food to remembering an enjoyable meal, the brain controls it all.

Like every other organ, the brain is made up of millions of microscopic cells. Most of these brain cells are called neurons, which are like messengers and carry information throughout the body. There are millions of neurons linked throughout the body in a network called the central nervous system. The brain and spinal cord make up this nervous system. A bundle of neurons form nerves, which are like wiring for the body.

Another type of brain cell is the glial, which supplies nutrients and other chemicals to support neurons. Glial cells outnumber neurons ten to one. But glial cells don’t carry messages. Instead, they repair the brain after an injury or an attack by invasive bacteria.

The brain is amazing, and, while we know a lot about it, science has yet to uncover all of its secrets.

[Source: Smithsonian]