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The Ballad of the Humpback Whale

Humpback whales have songs they use to communicate with each other just like humans, but with complex sounds instead of words.

In the Australian Sea, a group of scientists spent six years investigating the behavior of male humpback whales. After closely following the group, they realized that this type of whale can emit very complex sounds from an early age. They use the songs to find their babies, call their partner or find a way back home.

A study by Scientific Report reveals that humpback whales can communicate using their songs with other cetaceans, such as dolphins. The scientific team observed this behavior in whale populations of Australia and New Caledonia, demonstrating that different species can communicate through songs. Not only are the whales able to communicate at a young age but they’re also passing down cultural knowledge to each other. These songs travel many kilometers underwater,”indicating a level of communication superior to anything observed in a non-human species,”says Jenny Allen, leader of the investigation. However, humpback whale songs are unfortunately being interrupted by the frequent transit of industrial fishing ships. This causes them to get lost & not be able to communicate clearly.

It is impressive that an animal can communicate through songs and is capable of learning complicated sounds, just as we learn complicated phrases.

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