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Why Do So Few Cubs Turn Into Big Cats?

Wild cat babies, known as cubs or kittens, are easy targets to male lions. Mother cats guard their cubs until they are of age.

Cubs have a challenging time reaching adulthood. They cannot see when they are born and rely on their mothers’ milk at an early age. While the females seek for food, the males stay and care for the kittens.

Young wild cats like to play with their food as playing helps them learn hunting skills. The cubs play with the live animal that their mother brings them. As they age, they play with larger animals.

Lions and pumas are two big cats. Baby pumas are called cubs or kittens. The kittens are born with spots that fade when they get older. Adult pumas are sand colored to hide from other predators.

Pumas and lions are both wild cats, they have cubs, and hunt for their food. However even with their similarities, they are also different in ways such as their appearance. Lions have puffs of fur at the end of their tail that cubs use to play while pumas have no puff in their tail.

Big cat cubs are special creatures in the wild. Hopefully you can appreciate their unique traits and features!

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Wildcats]

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