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Tiger Wandering: Scientists Have Important Questions About Unusual Spider

Researchers have taken a big interest in learning about a species of spider called the Tiger Wandering. This spider’s features include very unusual legs.

Have you ever wondered how spider legs help them stay alive? Most spiders have liquid on their feet, but what makes the Tiger Wandering spider unique is that their feet are dry!

Did you know that the smallest hair on the Tiger Wandering spider is at the bottom of its leg? It is common for the Tiger Wandering spider to have more hairs than your typical spider, they even point in all directions. This spider, along with other spiders, have hair on their legs. This hair helps them build webs and also helps them to stick to most things.

Spiders are known to be hard working. They use seven parts of their legs daily. The seven functioning parts of a spider’s leg are the Coxa, Trochanter, Femur, Patella, Metatarsus, and Tarsus.

Scientists have found what they call a spider “super power.” This means new science discoveries sometimes have real-world results. Because the Tiger Wandering spider's hairs point in all directions, it could hold the weight of a human's body!

Although spiders are feared around the world, they can also help us make new discoveries.

[Source: ScienceNewsforKids]

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