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How Bees Make Plants Grow

Pollinators are very important on our Earth. You would be surprised at how much bees and pollinators help. Did you know that we need pollinators so much that flowers depend 80 percent on pollination?

Wonder where flowers come from? While water and nutrients from soil help them grow, pollinators also help too! You might not notice these small insects, but they come by and play an important role in pollination. If there were no pollinators, the human race would not be alive and the Earth would not have as many beautiful flowers as you see today.

Pollinators don’t just pollinate flowers! They also pollinate plants and vegetables. These plants include blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and more. Do you enjoy tea with honey? Well, pollinators such as bees are responsible for honey production!

Bees aren’t the only pollinators, there are other creatures too. These creatures include hummingbirds, ants, wasps, beetles, and butterflies. However, bees are one of the most important pollinators for plants. The most common bee to pollinate crops is the non-native honeybee. One colony can have up to 50,000 bees.

Over 50 percent of the world’s major crops exist because of pollinators. Without them. Recently, there have been decreasing honeybee populations and that creates a risk for many communities that need food. It is important to protect pollinators by not putting chemicals on plants, by protecting their hives, and understanding how they benefit our world.

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