Creatures of the Cold: Life in the Arctic

Did you know that killer whales will prey on anything that they can catch? Did you know that the classic polar bear doesn’t have white fur and that they knock out seals from under the ice? Similar creatures that live in cold areas such as the North and South Poles must keep warm to survive. To stay warm, these creatures tend to have thick fur like a polar bear or layers of fat like a seal.

Polar bears live on northern ice where they constantly look for their next meal. Inorder to survive, polar bears learn to run fast which allows them to easily catch their prey. Counter to popular belief, polar bears do not have white fur, rather they have transparent fur that reflects light. The light reflection from a polar bear’s fur makes it seem like their fur is white. Polar bears have various physical traits that makes them apex predators in the North Pole.

Beneath the ice, there are lots of squids and fish that eat plants and plankton that float on the surface of the water. Codfish live in the Northern Atlantic and always travel in schools. A predator of the codfish is, the Emperor penguin, the tallest penguin species, standing at three feet tall. Continuing the food chain, Seals live in both the South and North Poles, and the gray seal can grow up to 7.8 feet. A seal’s common diet consist of squid, fish, and even penguins. Killer whales are at the top of the aquatic food chain as they are hunters that live in cold and warm places; they are found in large bodies of water, such as the Bahamas.

Together we learned facts about creatures who live in cold places. These creatures must stay warm to survive and if they don’t, they will not live for long.

[Source: The Children's Encyclopedia of Animals ]

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