Wolves: A Species Built for Survival

Except for humans, wolves (Canis Lupus) are the largest land mammals most commonly found all over the world. Some wolves were tamed for the first time in East Asia 15,000 years ago; they are the ancestors of dogs and are the largest members of the dog family.

Gray wolves can live in the wild for six to eight years. Their body sizes range from 36 to 63 inches while they weigh from 40 to 175 pounds. Their tails measure from 13 to 20 inches and their height is about three feet.

Gray wolves have adapted to their environment, they are the most common kind of wolf. At one time, they were found all over the Northern Hemisphere. Today, they are found in parts of Asia, though some also live in Alaska and Canada.

As carnivores, gray wolves like to eat meat. They hunt in groups of six to ten called packs, howling to each other to communicate. They prefer to prey on big animals like deer, elk or moose and will travel up to 12 miles a day to find food. When they're successful, they don't eat in moderation. A single wolf can consume 20 pounds of food.

Even though wolves and humans have a long history of confrontation, gray wolves almost never attack humans. In fact, gray wolves were excessively hunted to a point that they almost went extinct. Some survived; others didn't make it.

Wolves are beautiful, strong animals that deserve protection at all cost. Hopefully they won't go extinct any time soon!

[Source: National Geographic ]

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