You Won't Believe How this Tiny Lizard Defends Itself!

Regal horned lizards are not normal lizards. The hot desert is their home, so they have many unusual adaptations.

Regal horned lizards have a very different look from other lizards. They have horns around their heads and have very small tails. Also, they have bodies that are wider since they have big stomachs. They grow up to five inches and have armored spikes.

These spiky beasts have a unique way of defending themselves. They build up pressure to shoot out blood that comes from pores in their lower eyelids. These creatures have a high heat tolerance that helps them with the hot temperature in the desert.

Regal horned lizard parents do not protect their young. Instead, baby regal horned lizards hide under the sand by digging a hole. They live in the Sonoran desert region of northwestern Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Regal horned lizards are different and unique lizards. Their spiky appearance and their defense make them scary fighters. Watch out for these little lizards!

[Source: Snakes and Reptiles ]

I didn't know the baby lizards lived underground. Very interesting article! – Mariama Bah , La Follette High School (2021-09-08 14:33)
Great article, so cool the way they defend themselves, and written amazingly. – Aviana house , cardinal heights middle school (2021-09-08 14:53)