Book Review: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Written by James Patterson

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment , the first book of a nine part series by James Patterson, is truly amazing!

Maximum Ride is about a girl named Max and her “Flock.” There is something special about those in the flock – they can fly! The Flock has been experimented on since birth, at a place known as “The School.” People called “White Coats” changed the Flock's DNA; so, instead of being 100 percent human, they are only 98 percent human and two percent avian, or bird.

In The Angel Experiment , the Flock escapes from The School and the white coats with the help of a person named Jeb. Jeb leaves his son Ari to take care of the Flock, and then he mysteriously disappears.

Six kids make up the Flock: Max, the leader; Fang, the dark and enigmatic one; Iggy, the blind genius; Nudge, the fashion-forward fighter; Gazzy, the explosive fanatic; and Angel, the mind reader. Constantly having to defend themselves toughens the group. Deep into the book’s plot, saves a dog named Total, who they also accept as one of their own. Total has his own quirks and secrets but, to find out what they are, you'll have to read the book for yourself!

The Maximum Ride series consists of: The Angel Experiment ; Schools out Forever ; Saving the World and other Extreme Sports ; The Final Warning ; Max ; Fang ; Angel ; Nevermore ; and Maximum Ride Forever . There is also a manga version and a Marvel comic adaption of the books. Additionally, a recent announcement indicated that there is going to be an online only show called Maximum Ride the Online Series . So, this series could appeal to any kind of literary audience.

I recommend this series to people aged 13-16 and especially to those who love action and just a little bit of drama. Fasten your seat belts everyone, these pages really fly!

Your review of this book is excellent. It made me want to read it, and that's what book reviews are all about. Good job!! – Shoko Miyagi , UW-Madison (2016-05-18 10:08)
SO GOOD I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO! YOU ARE SO PRETTY AND SMART AND I LOVE YOU! I also love BVB, Ghost Town and Bring Me the Horizon! SOULMATES! – Ashlyn Phoenix , Wright Free Press (2016-05-18 16:03)
This sounds like such an amazing book! Very interesting. – Taylor , UW-Madison (2016-05-19 17:26)
I've read other books by James Patterson but now I want to read this one too! Great book report, keep up the good work! – Callan , Sennett Free Press (2016-05-23 14:26)
I really love this book and I've read the series twice! Reading your review makes me want to read it again. – Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz , West High School (2016-06-16 18:18)