Book Review: Meet Addy

by Connie Porter

reviewed by Andreanna Wright, age 12

Meet Addy is the first of a six-book series in the American Girl collection. It tells the story of Addy, a strong, courageous young girl, who lives on a plantation with her family in the 1860s. Life is hard for Addy and her family as slaves. Addy finds out the horrible reality of slavery when she discovers her father and brother, Sam, are being sold. Determined not to suffer the same fate, Addy and her mother run away to freedom. Unfortunately, they are forced to leave her baby sister, Esther, behind with her aunt. During their dangerous journey to Philadelphia, Addy saves her mother from drowning in a lake. Their journey is successful; Addy and her mother are able to start a new life as free people in Philadelphia.
Throughout the book, Addy encounters moments where there is no hope. But after she reaches freedom, a glimmer of hope begins to shine in her heart. Since she and her mother have made it to freedom in Philadelphia, perhaps the rest of her family will find a way to freedom too.
Meet Addy is a suspenseful page-turner. I like how the book is set during the Civil War and shows historical images about slavery. I also enjoyed the strong relationship between Addy and her mother, who is a great role model for her. I recommend this book to elementary-age students.