The New Sequoya Branch

by Parwat Regmi, age 17

The Sequoya Branch of the Madison Public Library system is an exceptional library. Located on the West side of Madison, this library is conveniently situated on Midvale Boulevard, not far from the beltline. It is right on the bus line, which makes it only about five minutes from my house.

The library moved just down the street to its new building about two years ago. The new library has attractive modern architecture, which stands out among other buildings in the area. The library is also handicap accessible.

Like other libraries, Sequoya has a huge collection of books ranging from non-fiction and “how to” books to fictional pieces such as the Harry Potter series. They also have audio/video sections for rent or checkout. I like checking out movies from the library over the weekends. There is also a section where young children can play.

Sometimes when my friends and I go to the library, we bring his younger brother along and leave him in the play section. Meanwhile, we study in a quiet room. Unlike other libraries, Sequoya has its own section of private rooms, where a group can chat or study without causing a disturbance. I personally like to study in the quiet rooms the day before a test with my friends instead of studying at home by myself. The library is also a hotspot for wireless Internet and has a section of available computers for us to use.

The library’s large windows create a pleasing environment. It’s easy for me to study there without distractions. After I am finished with my studying in the library, I sometimes go next door and enjoy a tasty ice cream treat at the Chocolate Shoppe or settle down with a cup of coffee at EVP.
The Sequoya Library is the place to be for those who seek to study quietly and enjoy calm surroundings. By the way, you can also pick up the latest copy of the Simpson Street Free Press at Sequoya or at Chocolate Shoppe. Just look for a red rack Labeled “Never Hand in Your First Draft.”