Edgewood College Grant Decreases Tuition Costs

When comparing public and private colleges, most people assume that the private college is much more expensive; Edgewood wants to change that assumption. A newly awarded tuition grant will allow Edgewood College to challenge UW System schools with a dramatically reduced tuition of $11,400 per year, starting in the 2019-2020 school year.

Because of the high tuition of private colleges, scholarships barely make a dent in the total cost. Although students know the cost will be high when submitting their applications, most are still surprised when they learn the annual fee that comes with a letter of acceptance. Edgewood College President, Scott Flanagan, acknowledges that some families hesitate when they see the price and adds that, “we know that many families get stuck on the sticker price”. Edgewood is a small school looking to expand and to do that, they need to get more students to enroll.

The reduced tuition is not available to all students. Only those with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or more and have scored a 24 or higher on the ACT, qualify for the InTuition grant. On Edgewood’s website, there is a calculator where students can enter in their grades and test scores to see if they qualify for the grant. This tuition grant is an effort to allow people to consider private colleges, without feeling overshadowed by the money. “Unless you're an insider, a lot of people don't quite understand that a private college can be affordable,” says Rolf Wegenke, President of the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Many college officials are excited to see the effects of the new tuition opportunities on students. But they are also worried that lowered tuition will decrease the school’s income, which could take away from the quality of the classes. Because Edgewood has given scholarships and offered financial aid for many years prior, the school assures people that the new grant will ultimately benefit the school and have given many reminders that the grant will not be given to all students. Additionally, only about 35% of current students meet the criteria.

Edgewood College will be offering a new tuition rate of $11,400 per year. This lowered tuition rate will only be available to qualifying students. This change is an effort to expand and make the school more available to students from lower income families and to give equal access to all students.

[Source: Madison.com ]