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Did you know that not all birds can fly? Penguins, for example, have wings that they use not to fly, but as flippers, so they can swim through water. [read more...]
People come in different colors and different shapes. But frogs are even more diverse than people. [read more...]
Did you know that one bird can have more than 25,000 different kinds of feathers? Birds use these feathers for a lot of important things, like warmth and flying. [read more...]
There used to be many different types of elephants living all over the world. These days, however, are only two types of elephants one in Africa and one in Asia. [read more...]
Did you know people kill tigers every day even though it is against the law? In China, for instance, at least one tiger is killed each day. This is largely because tigers are sold for a lot of money to the Chinese medicinal market. [read more...]
Did you know that scientists estimate there are 8.7 million known species? Surprisingly, only 1.8 million of these are named and described. [read more...]
Many animals are colored so they can blend into their surroundings. This is called camouflage. The most common camouflage colors are brown and green. [read more...]
There are more than 6,500 types of reptiles today. Many modern reptiles that can be traced back to ancient animals that are now extinct. [read more...]
Many people think that chameleons change colors to blend in with their surroundings, but the real reason they change colors is to change their body temperature. In Fact, chameleons change colors to adapt to the varied temperatures of their environment. [read more...]
Many people think that dragons only exist in fairy tales, but there is one real species that look, a lot like them. This small critter is called a chameleon. [read more...]
Do you know how and why chameleons change their color? All humans and most animals have melanin. Melanin is the pigment that makes your skin the color it is. If you have more melanin, your skin will be darker. If you have less melanin, your skin will be lighter. [read more...]
Owls are some of the many different kinds of birds of prey. There are around 150 kinds of owls, 22 kinds of which live here in North America. [read more...]
If you leave a wooden box outside near a tree trunk, you might find a surprise—a dormouse could be nestled inside! But humans should never go near a nest unless it is abandoned. [read more...]
Do you know how and why chameleons change their color? [read more...]
Because they are vicious hunters, lions have earned a spot among the top of the food chain. One feature that makes this species so vicious is their teeth. In fact, lions have three different types of teeth that help them bring down and finish off their prey. [read more...]
Many animals have special traits and abilities. One unique skill that some species have is camouflage, which is the ability to blend into their surroundings. [read more...]
Since cheetahs have reputations for being fast and powerful cats, some might not know that they are actually endangered. [read more...]
Surprisingly, not all living things that look like plants are plants. Sea anemones, for example, look like plants but are actually animals. [read more...]
When people think of sharks, they usually think of dangerous sea creatures with a lot of sharp teeth. However, sharks are so much more than that. [read more...]
Badgers are among the most feared predators in North America. While you might know that badgers are the Wisconsin state animal and the mascot of many of our athletic teams, you might not know that they are carnivores, which means they eat reptiles, insects, birds, and other small animals. [read more...]
Crocodiles and alligators, the closest living relatives of dinosaurs, have a lot in common. These fierce reptiles are excellent predators, meat-eaters, and fast movers. [read more...]
More than 170,000 different types of butterflies and moths fly through the North American skies. [read more...]
If you live in North America or Mexico, wild turkeys just might inhabit your neighborhood. Though wild turkeys are seemingly common, they are actually a fascinating and surprising species. [read more...]
Giant pandas are endangered animals. This species has to eat for at least eight hours and sleep for at least four hours every day. Primarily, pandas eat bamboo. This plant, however, is poor in nutrients. Because pandas do not digest very well, they must eat continuously in order to receive proper nutrients. Thus, they must eat nearly all day. [read more...]
The end of the Ice Age did more than create lakes in Wisconsin. In fact, rising temperatures also caused the extinction of many fascinating animal species. [read more...]
Big cats are very interesting. There are many different types of big cats. Many of these big cats have a lot in common. For instance, all big cats are carnivores, which mean they are meat eaters. They usually get their food by hunting. They all have very good eye sight and excellent balance. [read more...]
It is always important to check your shoes before you put them on--you never know when a scorpion might crawl into one for a quick nap! [read more...]
The adorable red pandas are endangered. Unlike the black and white giant pandas, red pandas look more like raccoons. These fascinating animals weigh seven to fourteen pounds and are about 42 inches long. [read more...]
In North America there are many different birds of prey. The Northern Harrier hawk and the Red- Shoulder hawk are known for their fierceness. [read more...]
Khurs are part horse and part donkey. They might not look it, but khurs have to be very tough to survive in their desert habitat. [read more...]
The common octopus is a unique animal with eight arms, large eyes, and a massive head. Although this animal looks kind of strange, it has a variety of fascinating skills. [read more...]
Although all flamingos have long legs and pink feathers, there are actually six different species of flamingos that are all different sizes. [read more...]
The Bengal tiger is the most common tiger living in the wild today. Nevertheless, it is still in danger of becoming extinct. There are only 1,850 Bengal tigers living in the world today, and their habitats are under constant threat from human expansion and urbanization. [read more...]
Dogs were the first animals to be tamed. The word tamed means trained to live with human beings. Domestic dog fossils dating back 10,500 years were found in Idaho. The fact that dogs are natural scavengers, and were always around human camps searching for scraps was the beginning of the training relationship between humans and dogs. [read more...]
Some animals are too small to fight other animals so they have to come up with ways to hide. They do this by camouflaging themselves. [read more...]
Lions are unique animals. They can be sociable, cruel, mean, and lazy all at the same time. [read more...]