The History of America's Pastime

Baseball Heroes and Legends

Many baseball players are famous for becoming World Series heroes. Though baseball might be 'America's Pastime,' some might not know about the World Series and who plays in it.

In approximately 1876, the first organized baseball league formed, called the National League (N.L.). However, others created the American League (A.L.), in 1901. Every October since 1903, teams from these two leagues play each other in the World Series.

The World Series is also known as the 'Fall Classic.' Many baseball players have become famous for their performances in the Fall Classic, including Babe Ruth. He hit 15 home runs over the course of seven Series with his team the New York Yankees. Babe's most famous homer came when he was playing the Chicago Cubs in 1932.

In 2003, the World Series celebrated its 100th birthday. This anniversary marked 100 years of heroic home runs and famous baseball legends.

[Source: World Series Heroes ]

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