Before They Were Famous, They All Went to College

If You Want to Go Places in Life, It’s Best to Study

by Tommie Evans, age 9

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players of all time. When he was in collage he studied geography at the University of North Carolina. One day a newspaper reporter asked him why he studied geography. Jordan said “I knew I would be going places in life, and I just wanted to know where I was when I got there”.

Russell Wilson is a famous football quarterback. He now plays for the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks won this year’s Super Bowl. Before Russell Wilson played in Seattle, he played in Wisconsin. He studied at the University of Wisconsin and played football for the Badgers.

There is another Mr. Wilson who played for the Wisconsin Badgers. This Mr. Wilson works right in our school. Mr. Wilson is now a teacher at Phillip A. Falk Elementary School. He played baseball at Wisconsin.

Another famous basketball player is Kevin Durant. He now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Before that he went to college at the University of Texas.

All of these players have something in common. They all went to college. You might think this is a story about sports. But, it’s not. It is really a story about going to college. If you study hard you can go college, and then you will go places in life.

[Source: Sports Illustrated ]

This a great article! Those are my my three favorite athletes today – Daniel J , Sennett MS (2014-06-19 17:53)
I really liked how this article had a clear message behind it! I also thought that the Michael Jordan quote was great to include. – Rebekah S. , McFarland HS (2014-07-08 15:38)