Axolotls May Soon Lose Their Natural Habitat

The Axolotl, also known as the “water monster” in the Aztec language, is a unique animal that only lives in the mountains of Mexico.

The gills and the smooth skin help the Axolotl breathe under water and help its blood flow. It has lines on the sides of its body that have pressure sensors that detect predators in the water and the vibrations made by prey on land. Their webbed feet help the Axolotl swim well and catch its prey. Its diet consists of worms, fish, and snails.

Its habitat is threatened because too many people are polluting where it lives. The Axolotls can now only be found in Lake Xochimilco, which is in the mountains of Sierra Madre. But they are not in danger of becoming extinct even if they die out there, or are captured or eaten. People are breeding them in captivity, so they can be kept as pets and for research.

[Source: Snakes and Reptiles ]

What an interesting animal! Thanks, Angel, for writing about the richness of the Earth’s biodiversity. – Aarushi , Brooklyn (2019-09-18 09:22)