The Amazing Ability to Hide In Plain Sight

You may think that animals can’t use camouflage, but they can. They use camouflage to hide from enemies like eagles and lions.

Fawns are one of many animals that use camouflage. With their spotted coats, they hide in the dead leaves similar to wild boars with their striped coats. The snowshoe hare hides in the snow by growing thick white fur. The gray fur of the chinchilla helps it hide in the rocks. The butterflies match their shadows, and when they open their wings, they look like giant eyes that scare away enemies. The pipefish can hide in the branches of underwater plants. Decoration crabs grab seaweed, stones, and baby creatures to their bodies. The chameleon changes colors when it touches something. Zebras have stripes and they stay in groups so that lions have a hard time knowing which one to attack. The meercats’ fur matches the earth, so eagles can’t see them when they are flying.

Lots of animals use camouflage to hide from their predators. These predators also include humans.

[Source: Animal Hide and Seek ]

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