A Batty Infection

by Noah Casey, age 10

A mysterious infection is endangering the bat population.

The bats suffer from a serious condition called “white nose syndrome.” The bats have a white fungus on their body. There is a secondary infection on their faces. The bats are affected by the syndrome in the winter during their hibernation. During this time, they run out of fat and die.

Two dozen mines and caves in the Northeast are infected with the “white nose syndrome.”Approximately 90 percent of the bats in the caves and mines in the Northeast have died because of the syndrome.

Scientists predict that the bats burn too much fat, too quickly, causing their death. Today scientists are searching all over for a climate change, a virus or some other stressor that could be the cause.

Hopefully scientists will find a way to cure this syndrome so that the bats will stop dying.

[Source: National Geographic]