All About Bengal Tigers

Armed with sharp teeth and night vision, the Bengal tiger is one of the most powerful hunters in the wild.

The Bengal tiger can grow as long as 9.5 feet, weigh up to 580 pounds, and can live as long as 26 years. Their typical diet consists of deer, buffalo, wild pigs, gaurs, and monkeys. There are a number of characteristics that make the Bengal tiger a deadly animal. The tiger uses its razor-sharp teeth and claws to grip and kill its prey. The tigers’ vision helps them eat at night. They have a thick layer of fur that is orange with black stripes. Tigers also have unique white spots on the back of their ears to identify each other in the darkness of the jungle.

Many tigers live in India. They are mostly found in the northeastern Indian state of Bengal. In comparison, the Siberian tiger is slightly bigger than the Bengal tiger, but they both usually live in the cold northern places of Asia.

Tigers are an endangered species. There were once eight subspecies of tigers, but today only five remain. Tigers are amazing animals that need to be conserved and protected.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals ]