Many Animals Use Camouflage to Survive

by Trey’Vion Pearson, age 10

Some animals are too small to fight other animals so they have to come up with ways to hide. They do this by camouflaging themselves.
Camouflage is when an animal changes its fur color or patterns to hide from bigger animals that are trying to hunt them. The snowshoe hare is an example of an animal that camouflages. In the summer its fur is a red-brown color. But when it snows in the winter, the snowshoe hare’s fur changes color to white. When the snow comes down, their fur blends in with the snow, making it harder for their predators to find them.
Butterflies also use camouflage. Many close their wings to blend with the shadows. When their wings are closed they become dark enough to do this. On the other hand, a lot of butterflies have spots that look like eyes of a big animal. They flutter their wings to scare their enemy so they have enough time to get away.
Camouflaging is important because the predators can’t find the prey. This helps the smaller animals, and the animals that can’t defend themselves, survive.

[Source: Animal Hide and Seek ]

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