Similar Species of Wildcats Are All Unique

There are about 37 different species of wildcats. Some of these species are cat cousins such as the serval, ocelot, and lynx. These cats are scary because they can bite you and jump on you. However, they can also change colors depending on the season. Here are some more facts about these cat cousin

The serval is a spotted and bouncy wildcat that lives in the African savanna, a very flat and grassy land where there aren’t many trees. The serval likes to hunt during the day, unlike the other cat cousins who hunt at night. The serval is the bounciest cat, but it doesn’t jump just for fun. It jumps to hunt. It can jump really up to 13 feet to catch prey, such as frogs and locusts.

The ocelot lives in South America. They are hunted for their fur, which is used to make jackets. Their spots are similar to that of a jaguar. Before it became illegal to kill them, about 200,000 ocelots were hunted every year. Ocelots prey in the forest, grassland, and swamps. They will eat anything, even bats.

The lynx can change colors - it is brown-yellow in the summer and white-gray in the winter. It would be cool if it could change to pink for Valentine's Day and green for St. Patrick's Day, but it cannot. The lynx lives in the pine forests and mountains of Asia and Europe. This wildcat preys on and can kill animals four times bigger than itself, such as reindeer. But it also hunts small predators, such as foxes.

The serval, ocelot, and lynx are all cat cousins. They are each a little different, but they are all wild and can all be dangerous.

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